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Art is Everywhere

Laura James Jewelry Instagram Feed

I was taken by the colors in this stunning Rug (top left corner of my Instagram feed shown here) from the new Alchemy collection at ABC Carpet + Home - it could have been a painting!- but especially by this accompanying quote that they posted on their own Instagram feed:

"We need to start thinking about how we are going to preserve traditional craftsmanship and sustainable design in a world that is evolving at such a rapid pace" -angela gruszka v.p. of marketing / creative

It made me beyond happy for a company of notable size to take a stand for the creative makers in this world and give attention to the fact that as we are moving so quickly on the technology front, to remember to shop with the artisans that are providing those unique and well-crafted goods for us.

Angela's message made me think of just what this world will look like if our buying choices were only mass-marketed retailers. This entire world... nothing but Target and Walmart - or even worse- no retail stores to walk into at all! Just think, if we were all to only shop online for the sake of convenience, we could unknowingly shut down our own opportunities to browse (and return items!) in person. I can't imagine not having a place to walk in and just relax, take in the sights and purchase something I may come across that strikes me! 
It may sound far-fetched, but look around where you live - are you also noticing smaller retailers closing left and right due to what I call the "Amazon effect"? It's something we can change, though, if we all just remember to pay those retailers a visit in person and let them know how much you enjoy what they provide...unique items and also something we all seek...a momentary Escape!

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