Sensitive Ears? Here's A Fix!

Jewelry Sensitivity is no joke...and zero fun. Why does it occur?

After being in the Jewelry business for the past 15 years, I have come across more customers with Earring Allergies than I can count! I feel your pain... I also have a significant earring sensitivity.  
The bottom line is this:

 Metals often are mixed with a base metal. Even metals like 14 Karat Gold are only truly 58.5% gold... which means that there is a lot of "base metal" mixed in. With Nickel being a common base AND irritant for people, it is often the culprit. 

What about those 14k Gold Earrings that didn't bother you for 10 years... but suddenly you have developed an allergy to?  Well...metals do break down over time and use. So, after years of wear and tear from sweat, chlorine, etc, that 14k Gold is wearing down to the base metal...the culprit that causes the allergy.


So...What to Do?!
Well, aside from having to have your posts or ear wires switched out to (rarely available) Niobium, Titanium or Stainless Steel options...here is an option I found out about that has gotten rave reviews called Jewelry Shield.

Earring Allergy Solution on the Laura James Jewelry Blog

How it works: basically, the silicone coating goes on like nail polish. They say you just coat the metal, wait 6-12 hours for it to dry, then voila!.

Earring Allergy option with Jewelry Shield on the Laura James Jewelry blog 

It has over 614 amazon reviews...I am game for trying it out! You?


 Before you have to forego all of those fabulous earrings you wish you could wear...maybe Jewelry Shield is the answer we've all been looking for!

Amazon has it right here for those of you who can't wait to see if it works for you. :)


It's supposed to works on rings, bracelets and necklaces too. Let me know if you give it a shot...and whether it works for you or not -I know I am ordering a bottle today! Here's to easily wearing Earrings in 2022 :).

xox, Laura


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Found! Pretty Travel Jewelry Organizers, At Last

Jewelry Gift Alert! (also featured as Oprah's Favorite Things 2022!)

Ok, so, everytime I travel I think how badly I need a decent jewelry travel case. Not too big, not too small... looks cute, and nothing that rolls up, please! Those just never work for me. 

Well, I have found a great option... and it's in VELVET! Finally a jewelry case hits all of the marks and is available in lots of yummy colors. 

I am loving this Emerald Green:

Jewelry Travel Case | Jewelry Gift Accessories | Jewelry Organizer | Laura James Jewelry Blog

Yes, you can get it on Amazon :) right here.


Oprah gave it her stamp of approval (Oprah's Favorite Things 2022)  so I feel confident the quality is there- and I am loving the under $20 price tag! Nice velvet color options as well: 

                 Jewelry Organizer | Jewelry Travel Case | Laura James Jewelry Blog Velvet Travel Case for Jewelry | Laura James Jewelry Blog

Here is the link on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3AtBnE4



Another Find:

This is one luxe Jewelry Travel Organizer that I am in LOVE with- this studded mosaic zip case is at the top of my Wish List...

Marrakesh Zip Case Travel Jewelry Wallet | Laura James Jewelry Blog

Marrakesh Jewelry Organizer

Gold studs, cream leather, AND anti-tarnish lining! Swoon. Now I just need to find a place to go... (Wayfair $149)

Happy Gift Hunting this Holiday Season!
xx- Laura


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Once Upon a Photograph

Many don't know this, but even before Jewelry was my love for... Photography.

35mm film camera how to load

It was my very first creative outlet as a child and I can vividly remember the "click" of the shutter, the feel of the film, and especially the winding sound announcing the last shot had been taken. A bittersweet moment only made better knowing that I would get to see what would be unveiled.

The anticipation of opening the paper packet to reveal which images (hopefully!) turned out sans any orange over-exposure lines or dust dots would eventually give way to the exhilaration of learning my way around a Darkroom. The opportunity to creatively manipulate the film made Photography even more exciting to me and the mystery of watching the film take shape was all too satisfying.


Darkroom Photography  
But suddenly, just as quickly as it was learned... the Digital era arrived, erasing the need for the Darkrooms and pushing me into other avenues like Jewelry Making that could satisfy my cravings  for a more tactile experience. This would go on for years until I started to notice things again in nature that I felt I just had to capture. My eyes would fixate on certain branches of trees, the way a winding road was canopied just so that it created a feeling of mystery and I wanted to somehow document that moment. My surroundings were telling me a story that I wanted to remember if not pass along to someone else... and I began to photograph these moments once again. 


Embracing the "Digital Darkroom" as I call it of today has been a journey that I put off until I could no longer ignore. So disheartened by the idea of not being in the Darkroom  I had simply shelved a pastime that I had enjoyed so much. But, I finally came around! I am excited to say that I have found there is a way to do both. The Digital platform actually offers many creative avenues, in fact too many at times( !) for me to delve into, but I am certainly enjoying this process and embracing it. It's worth it to me to give Photography, something that was always waiting in the wings for me, the time it deserves. 


  Laura S. James Fine Art Photography | Destin | Beach Photo | Ocean
Here are some of my favorite images captured everywhere from my travels to merely walking outside my front door.
I have realized while I have been honing this craft lately that I have awakened a sight that I didn't even realize was there. I am constantly noticing and seeing things that I feel compelled to capture. That's inspiring for me, to be able to realize this is happening. My eyes and brain are telling me to stop, take a minute to capture this.
So I am.
The Scent of Memory

I once came across an article titled "Scents of Adventure" written by Mary Louise Parker detailing a trip to a custom perfume house in Paris she took with her daughter. A few weeks after their trip, MLP opens the bottle her daughter created and the memories of their time together in The City of Light washes over her. She wonders if her daughter will respond like she does to scent with memory being so closely tied to it that she "...even followed a woman down the street because she was wearing my mother's perfume (Shalimar)...".

"That one was designed around a Memory."
                                                                                              -Olivier Royere to MLP

Her musings resonated with me since I have for years described my tether to jewelry as more than just Shiny Object Syndrome. The enchantment of Jewelry is also very Memory-based for me. For instance, I can think of some of my earliest childhood friends and remember Vanessa's Aquamarine studs; Brandy's Emerald ring; Sarah Bisland's Opal band; McClean's Star Ruby ring... and even their memories of who gave the jewelry to them (McClean's parents brought hers back from a trip to a land faraway...India, I believe- her ring was my first time to ever see a Star Ruby or learn the word "Cabochon"!). 

Maybe we are all wired this way to Memory in some shape or form, but MLP's story gifted me with a recollection from over thirty years ago to my late Grandmother, Ruby Frances McCharen's love for Quelques Fleurs by Houbiqant. I can hear her recite the name right now in her thick, deep Southern rasp that I can only compare to Dame Maggie Smith - sans the European accent. I can picture that slender frosted bottle of "faaanntsy" perfume on the nightstand and from there on I get to travel further down Memory Lane: to my Grandmother's bedroom and into the kitchen... flour (as always) on the black and white tiled floor and a sizzling cast iron skillet on the white enamel stove. The blue Crisco can close by promises her famous fried chicken with rice and gravy. It's Mississippi, afterall. 

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Mary Louise. I am glad your piece prompted me to pull an oldie out of my memory vault. If we don't talk, we forget  ...and I am glad you are talking. 


Laura S. James



Birthstone Jewels (You'll Actually Love!)
Astrology is meaningful to a lot of people...but coming across an on-trend piece of Birthstone jewelry has been, in past, quite tough. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas out there now to choose from!
Birthstone Jewelry | Jewelry Blog | Cool Birthstone Jewelry | Laura James Jewelry
For those of you who reach for the cosmic...you can now make it a keepsake.
Here are 12 jewels by month that you will *actually* want to wear, I promise!
January: Garnet
Modern Garnet Bar Earrings | Laura James Jewelry
February: Amethyst
Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry | Astrology Jewelry | Laura James Jewelry Blog
March: Tourmaline
Tourmaline Necklaces | Birthstone Jewelry | March Birthstone |Astrology Jewelry | Laura James Jewelry | Jewelry Blog
April: Diamond
Catbird Rosecut Diamond Stack Ring $438
Catbird Rose Cut Diamond Ring | Birthstone Jewelry | Laura James Jewelry Blog
May: Emerald
Emerald Studs by Embers $68
Artisan Emerald Stud Earrings | Laura James Jewelry Blog | Birthstone Jewelry | Emerald Earrings
June: Pearl
Modern Pearl Earrings | Gold Pearl Dangles | Birthstone Jewelry Pearl | Pearl Girl | Laura James Jewelry
July: Ruby
Jaipur Ruby Bracelet $675
Ruby Birthstone Jewelry | Ruby Bracelet | Laura James Jewelry Blog
August: Peridot
Vermeil Peridot Ring by ToOriginal $38
Birthstone Peridot Ring | Laura James Jewelry Blog | Peridot Birthstone
September: Sapphire
Sapphire Charm Ring by Sachi $273
Sapphire Birthstone Ring | Sapphire Stack Ring | Laura James Jewelry Blog | Birthstone Jewelry
October: Opal
Opal Stud Earrings by A Sweet Pear $330
Opal Stud Earrings | Birthstone Opal Jewelry | Laura James Jewelry Blog
November: Citrine
Pearl Citrine Drop Earrings | Citrine Birthstone Jewelry | November Birthstone Jewelry | Laura James Jewelry
December: Turquoise
Turquoise Vermeil Diamond Studs by LA Kaiser $85
Turquoise Stud Earrings | Laura James Jewelry Blog | Turquoise Birthstone | December Birthstone
These aren't your average Birthstone Jewelry options, right?! So many pretties to choose from. Enjoy...and love that you can wear your birthstone with excitement :).
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