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People ask where I find my inspiration for my Jewelry collections and the answer is...everywhere! I am very curious by nature, and as a result, I tend to have my eyes open wherever I go...especially if it is a new place (and I LOVE to explore new places!).

Things just pop out at me...whether I am outdoors, noticing how blue the sky is against the bright green of the trees or in someone's home, where typically textures and finishes from marbles to shiny brass just seem to jump into my path of vision.

I never know which ones will stick in my brain when I am creating my next Laura James Jewelry collection, but somehow there is a catalog there that I reflect on whenever I am starting my next necklace, earring or bracelet.

I think if you are seeking Inspiration, the best thing to do is try to absorb the moments...open your eyes wide when you walk out of the door. Try to slow down...and see what happens!

When I am aware of these images popping out at me, I get excited because I know I am living in the moment. Life is short, and it's flying by. Take time to look around!




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    laura james

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