CLT Wedding: Southern Style




 Laura James Jewelry's Ashleigh Necklace Featured on Front Cover




"Natural Beauty"









 Laura James Jewelry featured in CLT Wedding's "Natural Beauty" Editorial: p.64 Vintage Amethyst Ashleigh Necklace $262, p.65 Holden Necklace, LJJ Vintage Cocktail Ring, Mecklenburg Stud Earrings, p.66/67 Gingko Necklace $128, p.68 Holden Necklace $218, Mecklenburg Stud Earrings $68, p.68 Vintage Iron Work + White Japanese Beaded Chain Necklace $118, p.71 Lettie Cocktail Ring $62 and Florence Necklace

"Madly In Love"

Laura James Jewelry featured in CLT Wedding's "Madly in Love" Editorial: Vintage Green Lucite Earrings $264, Petra Necklace $246, Vintage Earrings $50, Carlyle Cocktail Ring $62

 "Stunning Stones"

Laura James Jewelry's Julia Necklace $194 featured in CLT Wedding's "Stunning Stones" Feature



Charlotte Magazine "White Now": May 2011


Laura James Jewelry's Lucie Necklace......Must Have it "White Now"

Check Out Laura James Jewelry's "Lucie Necklace" $152 featured on p.28 of Charlotte Magazine's "White Now" Editorial Feature!

Laura James Jewelry wins "Best of the Best"!


 A huge thanks for all of the votes...Laura James Jewelry was just voted Best Online Shopping at the 2011 annual Best of the Best Awards by Charlotte Magazine!

..."Trying on gems in Laura James Jewelry's cozy boutique on East Boulevard is such a treat and it's easy to forget how lucky Charlotte shoppers are to have Miss James running her nationally renowned jewelry design operation here. But before you start feeling bad for out-of-town jewel lovers who can't stop in whenever they please, check out www.LauraJamesJewelry.com. Gorgeous photos of her newest covetable designs are added almost daily and there are occasional web-only, one-day sales of deeply discounted items."

- Charlotte Magazine