A Jewelry Collector's Story

Gemstone Collection

As far back as I can remember, I collected jewelry.

It all began with my Father, giving jewelry to my Mother and me to mark occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. He always picked out interesting pieces  on his own- one of my favorites being a band of square channel set rubies for a birthday. I was used to seeing bands with round diamonds, so I especially loved that this was different. I think that began my quest for collecting jewelry.

I was lucky that we travelled as a family when Summertime came, and I began to seek out unique jewelry every new place we went. The thrill of the hunt for designs that I'd never seen before was always at the forefront of my brain, no matter where we went. I loved when I could take home something that was different and marked the occasion or place that we'd been. Everytime I wore it, I was instantly transported back to the place where I had found it, and got to relive the experience of where we had been. 

Years later, and I still love to collect jewelry. It's absolutely the very first thing that I think about when a Birthday arises... but these days I seem to settle for more practical necessities. Not to mention, my life is becoming more streamlined and clutter-free...so if I am going to buy something, it's got to be pretty special. And who has time anymore for that kind of search?! Maybe one day soon I'll devote an ENTIRE AFTERNOON to searching solely for a new sparkler to add to my collection. That would be amazing. I mean, the odds that I would be able to just focus on that are... slim to none. Just too many other online distractions to click on to lead me astray -like my four year old needs new cowgirl boots...but maybe one day it'll happen. I sure do love the hunt!


Approach the Brooch

AH, the Brooch.

The trend is everywhere, but many people just aren't into wearing them. As a result, I re-work Brooches of yours into bracelets and necklaces ALL of the time! Some of the most stunning family jewelry I have seen has been in the form of a Brooch.

However, there are many out there who who DO enjoy rocking the Brooch, or want to... but are unsure of just where to begin. So, here are a few tips on how to wear them from Harper's Bazaar (we like #4 the best!):

1.Pin them on your masculine pieces, like blazers and button-ups, for a feminine flair.
2.Smaller styles look interesting when worn in groups. Choose pieces from similar genres - all deco, for example.
3.Expand beyond diamonds. Pins are chic in unique styles, like rosettes and ribbons.
4.Put them on in unusual places. A brooch doesn't have to be stuck on your lapel. Try one on the hip of your dress, to fasten your scarf, or as a closure for your cardigan.


Do You/Would You wear a Brooch?