Vacation State of Mind

Photography by Laura James of Laura James Jewelry

photo taken by Laura James


Nothing refreshes me quite like a visit to the Ocean. Specifically, a very clear blue Ocean with sugar white sand! I frequent our family Florida retreat as much as I can, soaking up the relaxation and inspiration so that I can emerge fresh, renewed, and ready to tackle what's next. It's really the only way for me! 

I loved pulling out my camera to capture this shot at Sunrise this morning. The mix of colors was just what I was hoping for. I am continually inspired by the Ocean and the Beach! It was also fun to vary from my normal Product photography to Landscape photography. It's always nice to try a new route :)...I am already counting down the minutes till the Harvest Moon tonight to see what I can capture!

Where's your Vacation State of Mind?

Jewelry Summer Safety Tip


Summer Jewelry Tips


*Too much Pool time is not a great idea for your Gold*

CHLORINE can weaken 14k and 18k gold over time, so just watch the amount of time your jewels are exposed or submerged, especially if you have a prong-set ring. Why? If the prongs get weak, your stones could fall out!

It's a smart idea to have your prongs checked by your jeweler to make sure they are still strong if you have worn your jewelry in the pool for a significant amount of time in the past.

Let's all avoid a Summer Bummer!


Do It Yourself

There are so many fun ideas out there and thanks to Pinterest, we can all learn how to do certain things like make our own Jewelry box, etc. This designer, Edmond Newton, took DIY (do-it-yourself) to a new high with is fabulous Haute Couture dress made out of...wait for it...Cardstock. Hallmark cardstock. Yes, it was a Project Runway challenge, sponsored by Hallmark, and the result is pretty unreal.

Here is Edmond's winning creation- plus a few other highlights from some very talented people, all created out of Hallmark cards and envelopes:

 Edmond Newton:



Inspired, yet?!