Finally, A Cool Jewelry Organizer!

Cool Jewelry Organizer Storage on the Laura James Jewelry Blog

Yes, it's true...there is definitely a lack of cool Jewelry Organizers out there in the world! It's actually of the top requests I got from customers when I had my storefront in Charlotte.

I pretty much had given up on finding one...until I came across this post for this very cool DIY jewelry organizer that you can create yourself if you love a craft project.

DIY Jewelry Storage Organizer on the Laura James Jewelry Blog

Finally...something functional that doesn't scream "i'm a jewelry organizer"! I especially am in love with the remove-able palm frond wallpaper from Chasing Paper that she used here...to me, it's the best part about this piece.

DIY Jewelry Storage Organizer on the Laura James Jewelry Blog

For those of you who want to DIY one of these for your room, here is the link to the tutorial from the post on the A Beautiful Mess blog.
(Please post a pic if you make one! Would love to see how it turns out.)

Have fun!

Tutorial and pics from: A Beautiful Mess

Emeralds Are Ever-Popular Again

Did you know a great way to see what upcoming Fashion Trends will be coming our way is to pay attention to the various Awards Shows?! The dresses the attendees wear showcase the Colors you'll be seeing soon in local boutiques, not to mention the styles.  Same goes for the jewelry they wear- even if the designs are more traditional, the color of the gemstones they wear will often be a hint as to what you'll start seeing.

Take the Emerald. At the Cannes Film Festival Emeralds took center stage for many of the attendees. Here are a few Emerald looks from the event, plus one of our own personal Emerald faves…Halle Berry's wedding ring! LOVE.