Jewelry Trend : Coin Me!

Gold Coin Trend in Jewelry on the Laura James Jewelry blog It's always fun to see a Jewelry Trend emerge like this Coin Jewelry trend for Fall 2016 from the John Galliano runway...especially when it's a trend I have previously embraced!

I introduced vintage silver and gold Coins into my jewelry collections over the past year more for initially for sentimental reasons...I had acquired a large lot of my grandmother's coins from her travels abroad, too many to hang onto. With my Father's encouraging, I started to sprinkle them into my current one of a kind necklaces and bracelets (photo below). And then...cue the madness!

People were coming to my website and storefront in droves to either buy them or bring their own family coins in to have me work them into a new design or add them to a design. 
Gold Coin Bracelet Jewelry Trend from Laura James Jewelry

             Coin Bracelet from  Laura James Jewelry, 2015

Just like that, I saw how attached people were to Coins. They seemed to signify a place in time for them, and they intrigued others just as they did me.

You see, I never knew my Grandmother on my Father's side. She had passed away before I was born and these coins (along with a few cherished black and white photos) are really all I have of her. The coins show me a little bit about her. She was a Collector, for one...(like me!) and she loved to travel, especially overseas. She was a Seeker...like me.

Do you have a special coin in your keepsake box? Please tell its story in the comments below, if so! 

Finally, A Cool Jewelry Organizer!

Cool Jewelry Organizer Storage on the Laura James Jewelry Blog

Yes, it's true...there is definitely a lack of cool Jewelry Organizers out there in the world! It's actually of the top requests I got from customers when I had my storefront in Charlotte.

I pretty much had given up on finding one...until I came across this post for this very cool DIY jewelry organizer that you can create yourself if you love a craft project.

DIY Jewelry Storage Organizer on the Laura James Jewelry Blog

Finally...something functional that doesn't scream "i'm a jewelry organizer"! I especially am in love with the remove-able palm frond wallpaper from Chasing Paper that she used here...to me, it's the best part about this piece.

DIY Jewelry Storage Organizer on the Laura James Jewelry Blog

For those of you who want to DIY one of these for your room, here is the link to the tutorial from the post on the A Beautiful Mess blog.
(Please post a pic if you make one! Would love to see how it turns out.)

Have fun!

Tutorial and pics from: A Beautiful Mess

2016 Jewelry Trends from Cannes!
Jewelry Trends at Cannes from the Laura James Jewelry Blog

Who else is a fanatic for Independent films? I'll take their artistic, raw beauty over big-budget movies, any day! I am equally psyched when the‪ #‎Cannes‬ Film Fest rolls around each year, and that's exactly what started this past week in France. Here are a few deets (and looks!) from the Festival so far...

Let me tell ya, (trend alert!) long dangle Earrings absolutely ruled the Red Carpet so far. It was hard to find photos of anything but, however, here is a good little mix from the Festival...

#‎JessicaChastain‬ looks incredible in this yellow number, and her diamond choker collar necklace (in the palm design that Cannes is famous for) isn't too shabby, either!

‪#‎BlakeLively‬ was swirling ALL over the carpet in a Cinderella-esque dress by Vivienne Westwood, but these diamond dangles are what stole the show not to mention her bump... PS: she's pregnant again!

‪#‎AmalClooney‬ had on the most fabulous Cartier Coral dangles...
and I absolutely loved the sublime ‪#‎JulietBinoche‬ in this edgier look, topped off with a cool sapphire pendant necklace.

That's a wrap for now, and I hope you enjoyed this recap of my fave looks so far in Jewelry from the 2016 Cannes Film Festival awards!

xox-Laura James

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